Lojo is in Colorado!

That was fast! Kathy Wert "found" Lojo in Colorado --- Fiddlette's home state --- and she won today's prize! 

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement and beginning Wednesday, you can play Hound Pound Lost & Found for Michelle.

Have a…

Where's Lojo?

Hound Pound Lost & Found! Be the first to correctly guess where Lojo is and win a prize! Post your guesses on our Facebook page but please only play along if you don't know the answer.

Today's hint: she is…

Pete's been found!

Congratulations to Patrick Conroy who "found" Pete in Florida!

Patrick wins his choice of one of our fine stickers below plus an extra surprise.

Tomorrow we'll start looking for Lojo! And you can find some hints and play along on…

Hound Pound Lost & Found!

We're all scattering to various parts over the next couple of weeks so we're playing a little game of Lost & Found. Check out our Facebook page for daily chances to win a prize by being the first to correctly…

It's a two gig day!

We had a great time last night thanks to all of you who joined us. Special thanks to our very special guest, Peter Mayer, who joined us on percussion.

We hope to see many of you today!

First stop: International

Happy Fourth! Come see us next weekend!

Happy Independence Day holiday weekend everyone! Have fun but please be careful out there folks. Remember, it's all fun and games until someone loses a finger! Or worse . . .

Join us for some music and shenanigans next weekend…